Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Untouchables with Mark One Band "The Dragster Boy" (FAAP)

Oh, The Humanity! The tragic tale of a young hot rodder meeting his fate during a high speed police chase. Propelled by wah wah guitar, organ & trumpet "The Dragster Boy" just can't outrun the fuzz. Sirens blare as our hero loses control of his ride and we hear a gut wrenching crash. "It's too late". He's run his last race.
Whatever restraint was exercised on side one of this 45 is completely thrown out the window on "The Dragster's Encore". A countdown to a rocket launch kicks things off and a locomotive makes an appearance as the Mark One Band goes for broke under a barrage of sound effects.
Recorded at label owner Elmer Hillard's infamous basement studio in Richmond's Fulton Hill, this FAAP (Fine Artists of America Productions) Records release is a real head scratcher. However, this lo-fi opus is not without it's charms. In the category of early 70's funk 45's about dead drag racers this record ranks among the best.
"The Dragster Boy" was the second release by The Untouchables on FAAP, the first being the crazy fast bongo fueled killer "Find A New Love" which you can hear on the superb Ol' Virginia Soul Part 2 compilation. Said collection also has more details on the fascinating stories of The Untouchables, label mate Laurie Tate, and FAAP Records. If you don't own all three volumes of Ol' Virginia Soul, snap 'em up right now!

The Untouchables And Mark One Band "The Dragster Boy"

The Untouchables And Mark One Band "Dragster's Encore"

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