Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Wink & Eddie's 25th Century Band "Sentimental Love" (Brock)

This moody, exotic beauty was the flip of the majestic dancer "Peacock" (which can be heard on the outstanding Ol' Virginia Soul: Encore! compilation). "Sentimental Love" is one of the more unique and imaginative instrumentals you'll ever hear. Hypnotic lead guitar weaves it's way around bubbling rhythms, striking the perfect balance with the popping percussion: laid back yet funky.
Recorded in Norfolk (1972)at Dorsey Brockington & Lenis Guess's studio on 35th Street and released on the Brock label (named for Dorsey) this elusive two-sider was followed up about four years later with a souped up remake of "Peacock" recorded at Alpha Audio in Richmond.

Little Wink & Eddie's 25th Century Band "Sentimental Love"

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