Tuesday, July 8, 2008

William C Belton, Jr & Elcomb "Come On Back To Me Baby / Apart In Miles" (Elcomb)

Midlothian VA's own William Belton Jr has been recording for almost three decades. After being briefly signed to CBS Records in the mid 80's, he now owns his own record and publishing company, Phase International, and has been releasing new material at an inexhaustible rate. This, his first record, recorded at Alpha Audio with the mysterious Elcomb, is a nice example of the late 70's Modern sound with a touch of Southern funkiness straight out of the suburbs of Richmond. The haunting "Apart in Miles" is a brilliantly sparse ballad sung from the perspective of a prison inmate longing for his woman.
A truly under-rated Virginia Soul gem. Kudos to you, Mr. Belton and keep up the good work.

William C. Belton Jr. "Come On Back To Me Baby"

William C. Belton Jr. "Apart In Miles"

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