Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jade "Boodi Shakes Money / Paper Man" (Pesante)

"Paper Man" popped up on most people's radar after its inclusion on Dante Carfagna's deadly Black Rock mix Chains & Black Exhaust. It's a plodding sludge fest of layered guitars that would pummel just about any "hard rock" band of the time into submission. The steady percussion underneath, including an unrelenting cowbell, gives it just the right amount of funk to keep your head nodding.
"Boodi Shakes Money", though not quite as heavy, is equally impressive with the bass making its presence felt along with some infectious vocals. But don't fret; the fuzz guitar and cowbell haven't gone anywhere.
It's hard to believe that this is the same band that is best known for the Modern Soul masterpiece "Music Slave". If you're not familiar with Jade's breath taking album "In Pursuit" check out our pal Kenny Bloggenz's blogspot and give your ears a treat.
These two very distinct phases of Jade's career make them one of the most compelling and enigmatic bands to ever hail from the Commonwealth.
P.S. Special props to label head Joe Riley for using a picture of The Norfolk Scope in the Pesante label design!

Jade "Paper Man"

Jade "Boodi Shakes Money"

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