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The Deceptions "Of All The Hearts / People" (Brooks)

The Deceptions were nothing but the truth! A three piece vocal group formed in 1968 and consisting of Malcolm Mason, Jimmy Williams, and leader Daniel Goldstone, they released three phenomenal singles: "You're Gonna Run To Me" recorded at Brockington & Guess Studios in Norfolk and released on the Peace label, "Of All The Hearts" for Walter Coleman's Brooks Records out of Hampton, and "Success" for Goldstone's own Stone Gold label, located in Newport News at the time.

"Of All The Hearts" appears to have been the more successful of the three outings, meriting two pressings. With it's distinctive harmonies, catchy chorus, moody guitar and up front drums, it's no wonder this uniquely beautiful beat ballad would have caught some ears. Interestingly, there is another version of this song done by the group Black & Blue on the Charlotte, N.C. label Game. The Black and Blue record lists Duke Hall as the song writer, while Daniel Goldstone is credited on the Deceptions version. We still haven't been able to get to the bottom of this discrepancy, and while the Black and Blue version is quite polished and seems to be better known, we prefer the Deceptions' more direct, stripped down approach.

On the flip side "People", we find Goldstone and company attempting to unify the worlds of R&B and Rock stylistically and lyrically. "You might be White/ You might be Black/ But don't let that hold you back/ We all want the same things in life/ So don't be ashamed/ To do it!" "People" reflects the upheaval of the changing times with a heady blend of searing guitars, funky drums and social consciousness. A heavy dose of Psychedelic Soul that serves as an indelible snapshot of a turbulent era, as well as carrying a message that's still relevant in today's world.

Their third single, "Success", as well as being the initial release for the newly formed Stone Gold label, would mark the final record under the name The Deceptions. Shortly after, the group would become Peace, Justice and Equality. PJE released two albums, It's Time (1976) and At The Disco (1978), both on Stone Gold. In fact, the exact same recording of "Success" appears on It's Time as well as reworked versions of "People" and "Of All The Hearts", with "People" evolving into an anti-drug track "Gettin' High".
The prolific Mr. Goldstone has had a hand in nearly every aspect of the music business for decades now, and has recently resurrected Stone Gold Records.
Special thanks to our friends at Virginia's Music Soul for the great group photos and info. Check out one of the web's best kept secrets!

The Deceptions"People"

The Deceptions"Of All The Hearts"

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