Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ray T Jones "That Norfolk Sound" (Wee-Too!)

What is it? Folk-funk? Psych-soul? Well, it's from 1975, but sounds more like '68, a fuzz infused ode to the Norfolk, Virginia club scene, where "fists flying in the night" was nothing out of the ordinary.
Ray Jones is best known amongst funk aficionados for the killer 45 "Beat The Knees", also released on Wee-Too a year later. Despite that track telling the tale of a guy from Norfolk named Leroy, with a flip side entitled "Take Me Back To Norfolk Town", the label shows a Philadelphia address. Turns out that Mr. Jones is a Philly native who relocated to the Hampton-Roads region while serving in the U.S. Navy. Judging by these songs Norfolk made a lasting impact on Mr. Jones. "Come on down to Norfolk, and get some ghetto in your life."

Ray T. Jones "That Norfolk Sound"


jerome green said...

Hi Funky Virginia,

What a delicious groove! Thank you! I grew up as a Bowie fan in the late 70s. It's strange, but if you listen to the way Bowie's band plays songs on "Station To Station" as well as the first side of "Low", the rhythm section (especially bass and drony bee guitar) seems to be modeled similar to Ray T. Jones's. Fascinating.

Peace, Jerome

ray.t.jones said...

Hello Mr Jerome Green,Iam Ray.T.Jones,and I Know that the 35th Street Gang is Flattered to have their Guitar playing to be compared to the Great"David Bowie "Sound! 2 Years ago,I did a show with Mr Maurice Glass, the Bass Guitar player,and he is Still kicking a groove, in the tradition of "That Norfolk Sound".

Anonymous said...

Any update yet on re-issue of Beat the Knees? Dying to get that on 45!

Anonymous said...

Any update yet on the Beat the Knees 45? I'm dying to get it. Best tune i've heard in years.