Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome To Funky Virginia!!

Our goal is to bring you sounds, photos & stories of funk & soul artists both well known and obscure from the Old Dominion. We can be reached at Comments and submissions are encouraged!


brent hosier said...

Zero comments? The World ain't round it's square. This site is outta sight, with outta sight insight. I don't care much anymore about being cool, but I'll feel that way being the 1st(?) to leave a comment here. Cool! Peace is more important, so remember to vote for the Black guy - The Big O not the other guy, who will leave us with a Big Zero for almost everything.

Peace Love & Soul, Brent

PS Marty & Troy,will you please write my liner notes from now on?

Funky Virginia said...

Brent! You are a gentleman and a scholar. This site would not be possible without the information we've been able to glean from you over the years. Thanks so much for the kind words, but most of all thanks for your hard work on bringing lost Virginia music to light. Keep on doing what you're doing.
Anyone reading this blog should know by now that they need to pick up all of Mr. Hosier's "Ol Virginia Soul" series. But don't forget about his garage comps, "Aliens, Psychos & Wild Things". Keep your eyes peeled for some very interesting projects in the works. In short, buy this guy's stuff!

melkasoul said...

thank you for this blog
and long life to your blog