Friday, September 12, 2008

Flip Flop Stevens & His Psychedelic Soul Orchestra "Philly Hump" (Dynamite)

Willie Stephen, better known as Flip Flop Stevens, was legendary in the Tidewater area as a high energy performer. Flip's three known singles offer some insight into just how dynamic his live shows must have been. His first record for Shiptown, 1968's "Come On Let's Do That Thing", even came complete with over dubbed crowd hysteria. In the next two years Stevens went on to release two more 45's, both on Dynamite. "Live Your Own Life" (available on the Ol' Virginia Soul: Encore! CD) was his first for the new label, a 100 MPH funky soul stormer widely regarded as his best.

Here we present the B Side, "Philly Hump" for you approval. Flip Flop grabs a well deserved rest on this one and shines the spotlight on his Psychedelic Soul Orchestra. "Psychedelic" might be a bit of a stretch to describe the band's sound, but the ominous organ that drives this funky instrumental does sort of sound like it was rescued from a haunted castle. Maybe if Iron Butterfly had some soul... Nah, this would still be miles better!

Special thanks to our friend Kevin Coombe of D.C. Soul Recordings for the great photo of Flip Flop!

Flip Flop Stevens "Philly Hump"


Kevin said...

I just realized that this was a Baltimore MD label at the time of this release. A VA dude on a B-more label doing a song bout Phily. Cool, ehh?

Funky Virginia said...

You know it better than I do Kevin, the east Cost is all about the cross-pollination! You should hear the instrumental version of the A side on the same label.

Norcom said...

My name is Oliver Jackson and I'm the bass player for the Psychedelic Soul Orchestra. I co-wrote this song "Philly Hump" along with Robert Davis.

My next mission will be to put the band back together for the re-union tour.

Funky Virginia said...

Oliver, that sounds great! Let us know about the progress and we will post it here at Funky Virginia.

mrbiggs said...

Hey Oliver,
Howard Biggs here,son of Noah Biggs @Shiptown where Flip started. He performed @ my 12th birthday party @ 'Queens' on Church st. when I was a kid...He was smoking!!!!!

Norcom said...

Yes Flip was aways on fire. I was thinking to write an entry for Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, discussing his career or Bio. Where can I gather some info about his life?