Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3rd World Band "Third World Tripping" (New World) / Third World Connection "Hot Seat" (Pesante)

The two singles by 3rd World Band, offer a glimpse into a Norfolk, Virginia scene that had no shortage of insanely tight bands in the 70's. Their first single, "Third World Tripping" is about as mind blowing as the title would have you hope. From the opening horn salvo and rapid fire snare roll, this one never lets up. With nary a wasted note, The Third World Band delivers one of the most dynamic funk instrumentals you're ever likely to hear. Fast, concise and hard hitting, with bold horn lines that stay with you. Add the punchy production of Lenis Guess, and you've got all the elements for serious Funk perfection.

By 1976, The 3rd World Band had become The Third World Connection. Chester Benton and company traveled west on 64 to Richmond's Alpha Audio to record their second single, a Disco Funk killer for Joe Riley's Pesante label. "Hot Seat" opens with the Connection rolling through the zodiac, exhorting everybody to hit the dance floor. From the get go, you know it's on. "Scorpios, get off!"

Special thanks to our friend Kevin Coombe of D.C. Soul Recordings for the great band photo!

3rd World Band "Third World Tripping (Part 1)"

Third World Connection "Hot Seat (Pt.2-Disco)"

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