Saturday, August 23, 2008

Wild Sound Unlimited "I Know You" (Colpar)

Richmonder Nick Colleran founded the seminal frat rock band The Escorts in 1961, while attending Douglas Freeman High School. Through the balance of the 60's The Escorts became one of the the most popular bands in town, releasing five singles and even a full length album, "Bring Down The House", which was recorded live at the Richmond Mosque in 1966. In addition to handling guitar and vocal duties, Nick also produced the band's records and started the T.E.O. (The Escort Organization) label.
After the break up of The Escorts in 1969, Nick continued to engineer, produce and release records. "I Know You" by Wild Sound Unlimited is an interesting example from this period. This infectious blue eyed soul tune fits comfortably enough into the Beach Music category, but to our ears it has a little extra "oomph" that sets it apart from what you would normally associate with the genre. Sure, it has the prerequisite tight horns, the warm vocal harmonies, the bright, catchy melodies (even though the actual lyrics are about a really ugly break up), but the punchy production on this record really brings out the break-neck drumming. The drummer on this track is bonkers!
Mr. Colleran definitely knew his way around a recording studio, but he also had a strong entrepreneurial streak. By 1972 he co-founded Alpha Audio in Richmond, which soon became Virginia's first major state of the art studio, recording everything from commercial jingles (national and regional), to t.v. and movie voice overs, to up and coming local bands, to platinum selling major label acts. But we'll save that story for another day...

Wild Sound Unlimited "I Know You"


Kevan said...

It seems like just yesterday were were standing in Sigma Sound Studio recording that song. I recall walking home from Petersburg High, passing the local record store and there in the window, prominently displayed, "I Know You". On behave of the entire band, thanks for the memories!

Kevan L. Key
Wild Sound Unlimited

hapiwmn1954 said...

Amazingly,I still remember the lyrics to this song. I'd love to hear it live again.

boogiebob said...

Hi Nick,

I got your name from an old Escorts business card which (Scoobie) Richard Eastman gave to me in 1968. I've been trying to locate Scoobie with little success. We played in the 79th Army Band in Panama in 1965-67 and now we're going to have a reunion which will be held in Orlando, FL on July 17-20th, 2009. I know you played together for a few years. If you could help me find him it would be greatly appreciated. Our website is: Thanks.

Best regards,

Bob Blaurock
Sequim, WA 98382

Mr. Subversive said...
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jan said...

Wow - just watching a PBS special on southern R&R and remembered the Escorts and Richard Eastman. I dated him in high school when I lived in Ashland Va. We watched them play at the Peppermint Lounge on Rt 1.......does he still walk among us?? Janet Doud

boogiebob said...

Hi Jan,

I received email message while I was away for a few days. As far as I know (Scoobie) Richard Eastman was living in Alabama when we were organizing a 79th Army Band reunion in Orlando in 2009. Scoobie was thinking of joining that reunion but he never followed through. That's the last contact I have now. Scoobie and I played several gigs in the Canal Zone in the 1965-67. After we were discharged from the Army, we stayed in touch. I visited him in Richmond in 1967 and he also flew to my home town in Washington State in 1968 for a few days. That's the last time we got together. Richard was a great drummer. We had a lot of fun playing together all over Latin America. If you ever hear from him again please contact me anytime.

Best regards,

Bob Blaurock
Sequim, WA