Monday, August 4, 2008

The Roc-Kays Band "A Love As True As Mine" (Nairobi)

The enigmatic Roc-Kays Band released their only 45, a raging 3:00 afrofunk workout backed with a deep soul ballad, some time in the early 70's. Recorded at D'arcy Studio Center in Norfolk, the A side "Roc-Kays Afro" is available on the Ol' Virginia Soul: Encore! CD. While here we present the B side cut "A Love As True As Mine" for the first time anywhere, unless, of course, you are lucky enough to have your own copy.

Roc-Kays Band "A Love As True As Mine"


FunkLexikon said...

Hi, I need a quality scan of "Roc-Kays: Roc-kays afro" (600x600pixed/300dpi) for the use in the funky music records lexicon. Who can organize that? Please check the following list (how to scan best for the use in the lexicon) also including other 45s scan I'm looking for. Any help is very much appreciated. Email to: , Thanks, Peter (

Color One Tear Black said...

Fantastic! Thanks for posting up this side.