Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Degree Of Freedom "Please Tell Me Why / Vegetable Soup" (DCI)

As best we can figure, scientists and mathematicians use "degrees of freedom" to assign value to variables in chemistry, physics and statistics. We continue to be stumped when it comes to finding answers about the group who recorded under this name at Richmond's Alpha Audio in 1976. On their solitary release, Degree Of Freedom diligently work two sides of an equation: one an epic sweet soul ballad with exquisitely woven harmonies, the other, a remarkably nimble instrumental funk workout. Two seemingly incongruent sides with a common denominator: precision. It all makes sense. What doesn't add up is how little is known about the talent responsible for this outstanding double-sider. Can anyone out there help us solve the puzzle?

Degree Of Freedom "Please Tell Me Why"

Degree Of Freedom "Vegetable Soup"

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bboy hope said...

this i really dope !
how about some latin breaks