Thursday, August 20, 2009

WDJ-The Prince Of Soul "Funky Loving" (Gent's YGB Records)

Since Funk's inception, the influence of James Brown has been inescapable. In fact, J.B. is widely acknowledged as the genre's originator. With millions of records sold, legendarily mind-blowing live shows and a relentless touring schedule, it's indisputable that Mr. Brown was indeed the king, and pretty much the personification of the style. It only makes sense that the countless acts that sprang up during Funk's golden era bore quite a striking resemblance to Soul Brother #1.

Virginia definitely had more than it's share of hopefuls doing their best James Brown. A prime example of this phenomenon is a 45 on the Gent's YGB label out of Norfolk by WDJ- The Prince of Soul. "Funky Loving" is so dead on it you'd swear you just stumbled upon some great lost track by The Godfather himself. The only major difference is the sexy female backing vocals utilized on the Prince of Soul's take.

On the flip, we find WDJ (W.D. Jordan) showing some range with a achingly heartfelt ballad "Invitation To Love". We highly recommended Sir Shambling's fantastic site for a listen to this and many more lost deep soul gems.

Special thanks to our friend Kevin Coombe of D.C. Soul Recordings for the WDJ photo!

WDJ-The Prince Of Soul "Funky Loving"

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DJ Carlito said...

awesome! so glad you're still posting 45 sides up!