Sunday, June 21, 2009

Lenis Guess "Why, Why, Why'd She Leave Me ?" (S.P.Q.R.)

To get you ready for the Lenis Guess show at Dig Deeper this Saturday, we bring you an overlooked cut from his great S.P.Q.R. run.

In the playfully dramatic intro Lenis strains to hold back the tears, then a slight pause, some hard nasty drums kick in, the band gets down to business, and Mr. Guess tells us what's on his mind, with equal parts sorrow and righteous indignation. A soulful piece of rock solid funk that chugs along with forcefully melodic horns and and a catchy as hell chorus that anybody could chant along to immediately. Too bad this one fades out just as the soul clapping gets going.

So many classics to pull from. We can't wait to see Lenis this weekend. This is going to be an amazing show. Whatever you do, don't miss it!

Special thanks to our friend Kevin Coombe of D.C. Soul Recordings for the great photo of Lenis!

Lenis Guess "Why, Why, Why'd She Leave Me ?"

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Anonymous said...

Very great track!
I like this and i'm looking for a copy of that.

Let me know,if you have any info of where i can find this.